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- Choose from 16 million living colours that include white and warm white.

- Choose one of the built-in modes such as flowing or flashing light effects.

- The LUUME Be-One and Be-Four light bulb fits into every E27 socket.

- Remote control using a comprehensive app for both Android and Apple iPhone’s.

- Very easy to install, child play just as a regular lamp.

- Ability to set power on/off timers with a colour of your choice.

- Change each lamp’s name for easy reference when you control them.

- Fit the lamp, download the LUUME BV app, press the button and instantly enjoy remote control.

The LUUME Be-ONE and Be-FOUR light bulbs are easy to install in regular lamp sockets. After screwing the bulbs in their fixture and downloading the app to your mobile phone, the lamps are immediately ready for use.

The app allows you to easily and precisely control all of your lighting preferences with just the touch of a finger. Each individual lamp its brightness and hue can be adjusted both manually and even by setting timers. Have the feeling that Sunday evening eight pm is time for blue light? With the LUUME BE-One and Be-Four, everything is possible… let your ideas spark to life.